16 novembro 2010

A fine work of art and information

I very much loved the poster. It is a fine work of art and information. I’ve already read the entire booklet on avifauna. You have a fine talent at photography and graphics design. Keep up the good work.

What I loved through your poster and booklet was (again) the realization of the richness of our biodiversity and the extreme value that each species affords us on the planet.

Years ago I was asked by then Vice President Al Gore to valuate the biodiversity in Central America. After months of research and worry, I decided that each species on earth is at least as valuable as mays – Madis or corn (Zea mays). At that time the economic value of mays was $10 billion per year. So, giving the 2 million species on earth, the annual value of the biodiversity on earth is $20 quadrillion US dollars per year. Of course there are more than 2 million species…..Obviously the value of the biodiversity has to be significantly greater than the world human economy, since it is the biodiversity that really supports our life system, so as usual, I was too conservative.

Hope all remains well with you and Gabriela.

Warm regards,
Wayne T. Williams, PhD
Recycling Coordinator
San Diego County

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